Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick Kudos

I'm not as much a fan as a casual lister at times, but Sean Hannity actually impressed me today. Every now and then, as I'm scrolling through the stations on my way home, between 4-5, I hit upon Mr. Hannity and listen if its something interesting. Many times I get tired of just bashing people instead of truly dealing with issues, but other times I appreciate his political thoughts, even on the Democratic race, which are pretty right on most of the time.

Anyway, if you haven't heard, a whole other pastor has been bashing Obama. His name is Manning, and he has said some pretty harsh things about Obama. He actually said Obama came from a white trash mother and a father who was "whoring" for white women. Then he said Obama was "born trash" and then called it the "word of God." Well, Hannity played the clips and had the guy on the radio, severely challenging any semblance of Christianity in said statements. Manning said some other things that were a little more reasonable and valid, but saying someone was "born trash" is just unacceptable for anyone who claims to believe in Christ.

So here Hannity was, calling on this pastor to show some compassion. Hannity openly admitted that he disagrees with much of Obama's policy and the direction he would take the country, but he would never say someone was "born trash." Hannity's actual comment was, "How can you say that about a child?" and "How can you hold Obama responsible for who his parents were."

I know I give some flack to Hannity for the whole "stop Hillary express" and everything, but I actually appreciated his attempt at decency.



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