Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quotes of the Week 3.27.2008

Finished Jesus Among Other Gods by Zacharias. Actually, it finished better than it started. I'll share some quotes here.

The difference between name-calling and calling one by name is world-views apart. ... we see that the difference between a silent world and one in which God has spoken is the dramatic line of division between the theist and the naturalist.

The mockery and ridicule in the Scopes trial was not the mockery of an intellectual over a lunatic. It was the mockery of the voice of man over the voice of God.
In the first garden, God spoke, and humanity denied that He had. Humanism was born, and man became the source of meaning.

Common sense tells us that we cannot live without a moral law. But how does one generate a moral law if God has not spoken? The only answer is to arrange a morality of one's own design that, though mystical and transcendent, is attainable by one's own efforts. This way we appeal to our spiritual bent and at the same time incorporate our self at the center. If we can be good without God but retain a religiosity, we win both the secular and the sacred.

When God sent the plagues upon Egypt in the Old Testament, they were designed to show that He alone was supreme over the objects they had deified (rivers, planets, creatures, magic, and so on) and that there was no other like Him. Nature, humanity, and every other entity or quantity is distinct from God. We cannot try to eliminate that distinction with impunity. From pantheism to the worship of nature, the temptation of the desert is still with us today, to have religion without God.

When the missionary John Paton arrived in the New Hebrides in the mid-1800's, he began translation on the New Testament. He did not know how to illustrate the word BELIEVE. Finally, when he leaned completely on a chair in such a way that his whole weight was on it, the concept of trust emerged. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever throws his whole weight on Him, will not perish but have eternal life."

Perhaps if our naturalists would stop looking only for a gardener, they might be surprised at who they would find, or should I say, at who finds them. They might actually hear Him call them by name also and might truly understand the gardens and the deserts of this world for the first time.



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